Learn how the Mesa Police Department places a high priority on supporting its officers’ well-being, particularly regarding their families and work-life balance. 

Gen PD

With an average age of 26, the young officers of Mesa PD have helped shape the department into the industry-leading, forward-looking, and innovative leader it has become. Tag along with 5 young officers at the lake on their day off as they discuss the future of policing and why they decided to make their mark at Mesa PD.

It all starts at the top and Chief Ken Cost is both leading by example and an example of effective leadership. His 27 years at Mesa PD have formed his leadership style into a mix of individual empowerment, personal accountability, and a strong desire to elevate the community through an effective police department. His passion for this city and his love of this department are tangible.

Leadership Matters

Grab your helmet and prepare for liftoff, Falcon 1 is a go for launch. Patrol the skies above the city and find out why the sounds of those propellers are a comfort to both the officers and the citizens below. At Mesa PD we own the sky.


Health Insurance For Life

Taking care of our employees has always been The Mesa Way and nothing makes it more clear than making sure they have the health insurance coverage they need long after they have run their last call. Just one more reason Mesa PD should be your first choice.

Arizona Life


Growing professionally as a person and an officer means you never stop learning. "The Mesa Way" means you never stop learning from the best.


Your hard work and dedication have led you here to this moment. Suit up and step up to your full potential. We are building careers "The Mesa Way".


Yeah, we do that work-life balance thing a little differently here in the valley of the sun. Grab your sunglasses and soak up the sights as we turn up the heat "The Mesa Way".

Career Paths

Mesa Police Department is looking for both Sworn and Non-Sworn roles to join. Click the links below to learn more.