The Mesa Police Department is always looking for great candidates for both our Sworn and Non-Sworn positions. Approximately 40% of our staff members are Non-Sworn and are an integral part of our daily operations.

Non-Sworn, or Professional Staff members, do not need to attend an academy, and can apply for various positions within our department.

Minimum qualifications, requirements and pay ranges vary based on position.

How do I apply?

Click APPLY NOW to complete and submit the appropriate application online.

How long does the hiring process take?

A lot of that depends on the position and the applicant (how thorough the background packet is and how responsive the applicant is with their background investigator). It currently takes approximately 30 days from the time the application is received to a conditional offer (provided the applicant meets all requirements).

Professional staff opportunities
  • Positions for Professional Staff Include (but are not limited to):
  • Dispatcher
  • 911 Operator
  • Records Specialist
  • Information Technology Engineer
  • Municipal Security Guard
  • Police Service Assistant
  • Police Service Officer
  • Administrative Service Assistant
  • Detention Officer
  • Crime Scene Specialist
  • Evidence Technician
Professional staff Incentives
  • Bilingual employees can receive a $25 biweekly payment for certification at the basic level, or a $50 biweekly payment for certification at the intermediate level.
  • College tuition reimbursement up to $8,124.00 annually

Hiring Bonus

for professional staff positions


Public Safety 911 Operator


Police Dispatcher/Trainee


Police Dispatcher/Lateral


Detention Officer/Trainee


Records Specialist I